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Oct 04


TMI Tuesday -


1. What’s your sexual orientation?
2. Tell me a secret?
3. Why do you like the person you like?
4. Are you a virgin? If so, what have you done?
5. What’s a fetish of yours?
6. Five turn ons?
7. Five turn offs? 
8. One of your insecurities?
9. Do you watch porn?
10. What was your last sexual thought?
11. What was your last sexual experience?
12. Do you masturbate?
13. Have you ever been in love?
14. Single or taken?
15. What’s your best feature?
16. Strange talents?
17. Virgins: How do you want to lose it? Non-virgins: How did you?
18. Ever sexted?
19. Your best sexual experience?
20. Your worst sexual experience?
21. How many people have you hooked up with?
22. What would you rate yourself 1-10?
23. Any other question.

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It’s official.

My internet fucking hates me. >:l 


57760.) I would do anything to have you again; to be with you. I just want to be “us” again. I miss you so much, and I will always love you no matter what <3 B.A.D.K.

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Oct 02

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Oct 01

That&#8217;s sick :)

That’s sick :)

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I want this :l

I want this :l

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